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 Not since Roger Kislingbury’s first book, Saloons, Bars and Cigar Stores, has there been published a more comprehensive collection of vintage photographs depicting the American saloon with all of its appointments

 American Saloons, Pre Prohibition Photographs is a fine museum quality publication that is a great companion to Mr. Kislingbury’s first. The hardbound edition contains over 345 pages in a 9” x 12” format, with index. Most of the photographic images are full page.

 Depicted are exteriors with signage, advertising, patrons and vintage automobiles. The interior views show back and front bars, fixtures, gambling machines, coin operated slot, vending and music machines.

 There are three chapters that focus on slot and amusement machines as well as cigar counters with early coin operated trade stimulators. These pages contain over 100 images of early and rare collectible gambling machines. Not since Mr. Kislingbury’s first book have this many early photographs of coin operated machines, in their original locations, been published.

 Many of the photographs have their location and date taken identified.

 Additionally, there is a taxidermy section and a chapter “South of the Border”. This section has views of Mexican bars during Prohibition. Its pages focus on floor model Mills and Caille slot machines, awaiting tourists’ loose change.

 If you have any interest in Americana, then American Saloons, Pre Prohibition Photographs is a must have! It is a wonderful step back in time, allowing a visual journey into the early American saloon.

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